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Info overview

In the following, all important information for your hut visit is summarized for you. If you still have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


We have dinner from 7:00 p.m. in summer and from 6:00 p.m. in winter, with the choice between half board and "a la carte". If you have opted for half-board, there is a lavish buffet for you with a soup, a salad buffet, a main course (also vegetarian on request) and a delicious freshly baked waffle as dessert. However, if you prefer to eat something from the menu, that's no problem! Please let us know by 5:00 p.m. so that we can serve it to you on time. And if you or your group should come a little later and still want to eat something, just give us a call beforehand and we will make sure that you do not starve.


We always ask you to pay the evening before your departure. This saves you long waiting times in the morning and you can go to sleep in peace.

Payment by card

In addition to paying with cash, we also offer the option of paying by card.

to shower

For the men there is the possibility to use one of the two showers in the basement right next to the toilets. To do this, simply buy shower tokens in advance at the cash register (1 shower smart card = 1 euro).

For the women there is a shower on the first floor in the Essen part of the hut. This works with standard 1 euro coins.


Breakfast is served from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. in summer and from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. in winter. You can find the breakfast buffet in our breakfast room. Breakfast including coffee, tea or tea and sandwiches is included in half-board. If you intend to leave before the regular breakfast times, just let us know the evening before so that we can prepare a thermal breakfast for you, which will then be ready for you earlier.

Reception & WiFi

You will usually look in vain for cell phone reception at the hut , but depending on the provider, with a little luck you might get one or two bars on the flagpole on the back of the hut. If that doesn't work or you need wifi for other things, you can purchase it from us at the cash desk for a fee.


Dogs are also welcome, but only with a few rules. Dogs have to sleep in the aisle or ski room and are not allowed into the room, let alone into bed. In addition, we do not provide blankets for dogs, so we ask you to bring one of your own (or a small dog basket). We charge a daily flat rate of 10 euros for dogs with you.

Hut sleeping bag

A hut sleeping bag is compulsory for hygienic reasons, both in the rooms and in the warehouse. Hut sleeping bags are also available for purchase at the hut. A blanket cover that you have brought with you also fulfills the function of a hut sleeping bag if necessary.


Please reserve your sleeping places via our online reservation program . Please also reserve in good time so that we can plan better in advance. If you want to change or cancel something in the number of participants after your reservation, this is possible. We just ask you to let us know in good time.


We have a small shop in our hut where you can buy all sorts of important little things that you have forgotten or otherwise need. There are hut sleeping bags, toothbrushes, sunscreen, various hygiene articles and sweet and salty snacks for in between meals.


The Essener-Rostocker Hütte gets its electricity from its own hydropower plant. In summer this usually delivers around 40 kW, which is sufficient for a complete power supply. In winter, the power drops to around 20 kW, which can lead to brief power fluctuations here and there on particularly cold days. So don't be frightened and keep calm if the light flickers for a few seconds or goes out.


Cancellation up to 5 days before arrival is not a problem at all and changes to the number of people at short notice are usually free of charge. However, in the event of last- minute cancellations or no-shows, we will withhold the deposit per person at our discretion.

Winter room

The winter room of the Essen-Rostocker Hütte is located behind the hut and is the old building in the hut complex that stands alone. This is freely accessible from the end of our summer season (so no key is required), which means that a reservation is no longer necessary. The winter room offers a storage room with blankets and cushions, a stove for heating and cooking (including wood) and a small lounge area for all visitors . You have to provide food and water yourself.

If we have forgotten something important, we would be happy if you let us know by email.

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