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Ski tours / ski mountaineering tours

Here you can find some ski touring tips.

Please note that some altitude and time information start from the parking lot in Ströden.

However, these tours can also be done from the Essen-Rostocker Hütte. For more detailed descriptions, simply click on the tour of your choice, then you can see an extensive description.

Screenshot_2020-07-11 default.png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(6).png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(4).png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(3).png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(5).png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(1).png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(2).png
Screenshot_2020-07-11 default(7).png


Screenshot_2020-07-11 Tourenplaner.png
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